by Loui

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He embodies two words: leashed power. It is amazing - sometimes terrifying - to watch him in action. He walks into a room and, within seconds, his presence becomes the dominant focus of every eye.

His anger is almost primal; his courage under fire is unquestionable, his courage in risking caring again after such tragic loss even more inspiring. Loyalty to his team is the watchword he lives by and that is heartening and humbling.

He'd die to save any one of his team - in this day and age, that is a truth that it is a privilege to be privy to.


He's a strange one to describe; lots of words that apply. Shy. Soft-spoken. The combination of these two draws the ladies to him like moths to a flame - his unfailing courtesy and instinctive charm fanning the flames further.

What else? How about a wicked sense of humour and a gift for pranks?

There is another side to him - he is lethal. His unarmed combat skills are impressive; with battle-hardened experience and inborn skill, his abilities with firearms are unequalled.

He shares one characteristic with the rest of his team - he'd die to save any one of them from harm.


The first thing you notice is his joie de vivre. He is happy and loud; his love of the female of the species should grate on a person's nerves after a while, but it does not. The reason for this is his genuine respect for all women - regardless of looks or class.

Some people don't look beyond that. They don't see the devoted friend or surrogate big brother - a role he was born for. They don't see the steel in the man, steel that kept him at his oldest friend's side to prevent the man from self destructing.


He can be judgmental at times but will freely acknowledge when he is wrong about something. Like the rest of them, he is dedicated to his team, to justice and to his duty and is more than capable of handling himself under fire.

He has a temper on him - all seven of them do - and the quickest way to see it, is to harm one of his team. He'll face the hordes of hell themselves to keep his 'brothers' with him; god help the poor fool that gets between him and a fallen comrade that needs his help.


He is a walking conundrum. A powerful intellect and a unique mind are wrapped up in a body that professional footballers would sell their souls for. The philosophical marches hand in hand with the physical in this man.

Brave, determined, and at times unstoppableĀ· he protects his teammates with the ferocity of a bear looking after its cubs. If he gets annoyed with you the most sensible thing to do is to run for cover.

He loves to teach, and, in the members of his team, he has found avid listeners - they don't always agree, but they always listen.


A stranger might look at him and think he doesn't belong with his teammates, they would be wrong. For all his youth, he belongs. He shares their credo for both work and play; he is as devoted to his 'brothers' as they are to him.

He has an affinity for computers that both bewilders and dazzles me. Full of the exuberance of youth, his outlook and gentle innocence have rubbed off on his seasoned teammates, and their experience and wisdom have made their mark on him, resulting in a beneficial mix of fun and duty that they have all embraced.


The man is the consummate undercover agent but I believe he spent most of his life as a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. His nature is to gamble - he gambles his own life every time he goes undercover but he never gambles with the lives of his friends.

At first, he had walls that he'd built to keep the world out. They still exist - for everybody but his team. The trust and loyalty between him and his friends have fashioned six keys to those walls - they are trusted, ergo he lets them in.

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