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Tropisms Cover

Novel by Kit Mason.
A Sentinel/Sports Night Crossover. When Sports Night broadcasters Casey McCall and Dan Rydell come to Cascade, sparks flare! Who will end up with whom? Humour, angst, and hot sex abound.
Price: $15.36 U.S. shipping included.

Visiting broadcaster Casey McCall knows sports from the inside, loves beer and is great in bed. To Jim Ellison, Casey is just what the doctor ordered... until Casey's best friend and co-anchor, Dan Rydell, makes it clear that his prescription reads 'Blair Sandburg'. Will the misunderstandings be resolved? Will true feelings be revealed before the Sports Night crew returns to New York? There's humour, angst, hot sex and a foreword from the author in this great new Kit Mason novel.

[Editor's Note: There's just the right amount of exposition that you needn't be familiar with the other show in order to enjoy Kit's excellent story.]

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