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The Burnaby Chronicles

The Burnaby Chronicles Cover

Finally, the completed Burnaby Chronicles! Including the revised and completed Spirit Guide Serial and six additional stand-alone Burnaby stories, three of them completely new.
Written by Nightowl and featuring illustrations from Jenny Saypaw.
150 pages comb-bound in 8.5" x 11" format. Price: $24.96 U.S. shipping included.

  1. The Spirit Guide Serial

  2. Without Warning
    When Jim is seized by gangsters, Blair and Burnaby must play a dangerous game to free him.

  3. Beware of Strangers
    The Cascade PD family picnic is disrupted by danger to the policemen's children.

  4. Home Guardian
    The loft must be defended from an invader.

  5. The Christmas Guest
    Home alone for the holidays, Jim finds an uninvited guest at his door.

  6. Drinker of Souls
    Jim and Burnaby try to shield Blair from a supernatural stalker.

  7. Avatar
    Warning: Death Story. However, in this universe, death is not the end.

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