Blackfly Presses:
See No Evil
The Three Monkeys Vol. 2

Nine stories focused on sight; seeing, visions, insight... Zine includes Sentinel-themed puzzles/games and cartoons.
Price: $16.36 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Worse Than Cold Medicine" by Bog
    Blair Sandburg's attempt to disguise the blue eyes of undercover detective Jim Ellison has even more disasterous effects than SenQuil did in "Night Train".

  2. "Cosmic Justice" by Toshua
    Nightmare visions haunt the dreams of the Sentinel and his Guide.

  3. "MIGA VII: Blessed Protector" by Nancy Taylor
    In a world where Blair pays for his shamanistic abilities with seizures, a terrifying vision sends him to the aid of his Sentinel caught by an avalanche.

  4. "At the Movies" by KAM
    Hilarious observations on Jim and Blair at the movies.

  5. "Seeing Beyond" by Carol Cappe
    When Jim falls ill, can Blair see beyond his own assumptions in time to save his friend?

  6. "Reliance" by Anna Kelly
    A blow to the head affects Jim Ellison's vision centre and his ability to care for himself.

  7. "Why Couldn't They Accept..." by Loui
    A reporter's research reveals startling ramifications from the resignation of Detectives Ellison and Sandburg from the Cascade PD.

  8. "Into the Blue" by Nightowl
    The Sentinel has trouble coming to terms with his terrifying visions.

  9. "Search & Rescue" by Sealie and Shelly
    Who will show Jim the way to find his friend Blair, lost and injured in a plane crash? The answer to this question lies in the far past.

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