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Jim And Blair Do The Time Warp

Jim and Blair Do The Time Warp Cover

Nine stories featuring Jim and Blair in adventures throughout time. Zine includes Sentinel-themed cartoons; each story has a colour title page.
Comb-bound, 5.5" x 8.5".
Price: $34.93 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "For Which the First Was Made" by Jane Mailander
    There are riches beyond gold. A modern fable.

  2. "Crossing Time" by Alyjude
    Blair's past holds the key to Jim's future.

  3. "Another Time, Another Face" by Angelise
    Jim awakes to a world that's all wrong.

  4. "Slipstream" by Bog
    Tracking a modern-day thief leads Jim and Blair into the past.

  5. "Hear the Wolf Howl" by Kata Avalon
    Two soldiers take a chance on happiness in an uncertain universe.

  6. "Once Upon a Time in the West" by KAM
    A teacher finds answers in the New Territories.

  7. "Turn Back Time" by Erin Grace
    Blair's students answer a timely challenge.

  8. "A Friend to Watch Over Me" by Jenny Saypaw
    Is a mysterious stranger behind the attempts on the partners' lives?

  9. "Ghost in the Machine" by Stormy Stormheller
    In a world filled with robot servants, one man resists accepting their mock humanity.

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