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Jim And Blair Do The Town

Jim and Blair Do The Town Cover

Eight stories featuring Jim and Blair in adventures in town - any town. Zine includes Sentinel-themed cartoons; each story has a colour title page.
Comb-bound, 5.5" x 8.5".
Price: $24.93 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "A Town Outing" by Angelise
    Breaking the news... gently.

  2. "Six Degrees of Separation" by Toshua
    A cop. A guide. A teacher.

  3. "Stunt Town" by Bog
    Commercial exploitation.

  4. "Pilgrimage" by Kata Avalon
    AU. The guide returns to where it all began.
    Warning: Death Story.

  5. "The Best Laid Plans" by KAME
    ...gang aft agley. --Robert Burns

  6. "Jubilee" by Jenny Saypaw
    An inheritance leads to a family secret.

  7. "Tool Town" by Bog
    You'll never want to leave.

  8. "Viva Las Vegas" by alyjude
    If you play your cards right...

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