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Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 6

Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 6 Cover

Ten stories plus cartoons and a Yo-Ho-Ho based filk song; each story has a colour title page.
Price: $24.96 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Equal in All Things" by Angelise
    Highlander: The Series - (Methos/Duncan). The oldest Immortal is fully capable of protecting himself... despite what high-handed Highlanders think.

  2. "The Magic of Miniskirts" by Kata Avalon
    Stargate SG-1 - (Teal'c/Jack). Role-playing on a mission allows two men to explore the magic between them.

  3. "Moving Forward" by Lianne Burwell
    Angel - (Wes/Lindsey). No going back? Or going full circle? Wes finds his direction.

  4. "Mating for Life" by Stormy Stormheller
    Due South - (Fraser/RayK). Furniture can make a statement.

  5. "Power Within Possession" by Amethyst
    Demon Under Glass - (Joe/Simon). When someone says "Mine", who is being claimed?

  6. "Binding" by Bog
    Lord of the Rings - (Gimli/Legolas). Dreams of love are manipulated by a vengeful spirit.

  7. "Storm Surge" by Jenny Saypaw
    Demon Under Glass - (Joe/Simon). While attempting to evade capture, the fugitives run straight into danger.

  8. "Unplanned Parent" by Bog
    Pirates of the Caribbean - (Will/Jack). Jack seriously considers tying some bootstraps to another cannon.

  9. "Hate Crime" by Stormy Stormheller
    Due South - (RayK/Fraser). Ray seeks for meaning at yet another rain-drenched crime scene.

  10. "Blindsided" by CJ*
    Smallville - (Clark/Lex). Lex and Clark each find a life line and hang on... for life. An AU story arc after "Whispers". Warning: Death of a major character.

* The listing stating that Kit Mason was the author of "Blindsided" was in error. Blackfly Presses apologizes to CJ and our readers.

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