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Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 10

Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 10 Cover

Nine stories plus the usual cartoons and games; each story has a colour title page.
Price: $24.93 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "A Most Delightful Spectacle" by Angelise
    NCIS - (Gibbs/DiNozzo). Gibbs glimpses Tony's family jewels.

  2. "Cenotaph" by Jenny Saypaw
    Angel - (Angel/Wesley). After death, there are still choices to be made.

  3. "Destiny" by Autiotalo
    Canstantine - (John/Balthazar). The cards don't lie.

  4. "Strategic Responses" by James
    Stargate: Atlantis - (McKay/Zelenka). A case of supply and demand.

  5. "Thirteenth Day" by m. butterfly
    X-Files - (Mulder/Skinner, Scully/Samantha). A modern retelling of Twelfth Night, X-Files-style.

  6. "Keeping Company" by Bog
    Lord of the Rings - (Legolas/Gimli). A little light dinner conversation.

  7. "Trust Issues" by Annie
    Diagnosis: Murder - (Jesse/Steve). A distraught Jesse makes a big mistake.

  8. "Smell the Roses" by Kata Avalon
    The Sentinel - (Jim/Blair). Blair is being secretive, a murderer is on the loose, and Jim is partnered with Joel.

  9. "Kansas Rules" by CJ
    Smallville - (Clark/Lex). Lex Luthor makes for an odd White Knight.

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