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Chinook Vol. 5

Chinook Vol. 5 Cover

Fourteen multi-fandom stories in a variety of genres; each story has a colour title page. Also accompanied by Blackfly's usual fun and games...
Comb-bound, 8.5" x 11".
Price: $20.08 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "In Memory" by Anne
    Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Peter stumbles across traces of a forgotten past.

  2. "The Answer to All the Riddles" by Sheila Paulson
    Stargate SG-1. Jack's 'kids' keep him in the dark.

  3. "Waking Up Alone" by K. Hanna Korossy
    Supernatural. Another hospital. Another empty chair.

  4. "Reclaimed" by Lyn
    The Sentinel. Blair finds in his past a way to his future.

  5. "Far Off Distant Floating Cities" by James
    Dr. Who / Stargate: Atlantis. Captain Jack Harkness takes an unexpected detour.

  6. "Pain in the A..." by TAE
    CSI: Vegas. Grissom goes on the disabled list.

  7. "Being There" by Annie
    The Sentinel. Blair comes to grief on a lonely highway.

  8. "Up and Down the Dial" by Swellison
    Supernatural. A soundtrack of life on the road.

  9. "The Other Side of the Mirror" by Audrey Lynne
    Stargate SG-1. What other paths could Sam's life have taken?

  10. "Naomi's Son" by Demeter and L.A. Adolf
    The Sentinel. She can't understand and won't forgive.

  11. "Six Times Dean Ate Pizza When He Wasn't Really Hungry" by Carole Seegraves
    Supernatural. Dis-comfort food.

  12. "One Day in the Life" by Demeter
    The Sentinel. Shaman and Sentinel each see to the City in their own way.

  13. "The Maiden" by Sheila Paulson
    Lord of the Rings. Éowyn explains her change of heart.

  14. "Separate Realities" by Nightowl
    Supernatural. What seems to be isn't necessarily so.

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