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Chinook Vol. 2

Chinook Vol. 2 Cover

Sixteen multi-fandom stories in a variety of genres (including poetry); each story has a colour title page. Also accompanied by Blackfly's usual fun and games...
Comb-bound, 8.5" x 11".
Price: $27.61 U.S. shipping included.

  1. "Burning Bright" by Nightowl
    Firefly. Serenity's crewmembers close ranks to save River when their boat is invaded.

  2. "Who We Are Underneath" by Kimberly Lynn Workman
    Buffy. Vengeance haunts Spike personally.

  3. "Unwell" by Kimberly Lynn Workman
    Buffy. A soul is a confusing thing.

  4. "For Friendship" by Annie
    The Sentinel. Blair goes out on a limb to help a friend.

  5. "Jack Curtis" by TAE
    Automan (à la Robert Lansing fandom). The police captain's life takes an unexpected turn.

  6. "The Crown" by Sheila Paulson
    Lord of the Rings. Faramir wrestles with Denethor's legacy.

  7. "Who Dares, Wins" by Stormy Stormheller
    The Sentinel. Blair has good reason to fear heights.

  8. "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Audrey Lynne
    Real Ghostbusters. Who's Janine going to call?

  9. "Memories Scattered Like Splinters" by Joanne Albertsen
    Andromeda. Beka dares to hope one last time.

  10. "The Ransom of Jim's Chief" by L.A. Adolf
    The Sentinel. Two kidnappers learn a leson about messing around with Sentinel and Guide.

  11. "He Eats Bugs" by TAE
    CSI. Grissom has a new addiction.

  12. "Friends and Family" by Anne
    Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Paul receives a message from the past.

  13. "Believe the Lie" by Audrey Lynne
    Real Ghostbusters/Extreme Ghostbusters. Egon looks back on when it all went wrong.

  14. "To Friendship" by T.J. Starbuck
    CSI. Both Greg and Nick are trying to kick their love lives into high gear but a serial killer keps interfering.

  15. "Sonnets from the Jedi" by Portia MacBeth
    Star Wars. Reflections of characters from the saga.

  16. "Kurupira" by Sheila Paulson
    The Sentinel. A tribal statue and an ancient curse cause trouble for Blair.

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